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Fort Pulaski

Today's Photo: Fort Pulaski

It has been a while since I visited a Civil War park and this is a continue of my Silent Guns of the South series.

Built in the early 1800's and finished in 1847, this fortification has a long history. It was named after Count Casmir Pulaski and, at one point, commanded by Robert E. Lee before the beginning of the Civil War. During his command, Lee commented that the fort was impenetrable. However, that was to be proven wrong years later during an assault by Union soldiers using rifled cannons. After a 30 hour assault, Confederate commander, Col. Olmstead, surrendered the fort.

This shot is from the rear of the fort and the demilune. During the Civil War, this was flat with a surrounding parapet and held different support buildings. Between the demilune and the fort, is another portion of the moat.

~ Daryl Clark

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